About Us

West Coast Grapes strives to provide commercial and home wine makers across America with the finest grapes California has to offer. We ensure the highest quality wines at reasonable prices.

West Coast Grapes is a family business which has been distributing quality grapes and juices from exceptional vineyards for years. We have developed a diversified company, focused on seeking out and acquiring the finest grapes and juices for the winemaker. We pride ourselves in only dealing with vineyards that hand-select grapes at their “wine-making” peak.

Our family has become quite proficient in the production of complex, high quality wines. For generations, wine-making has been passed down in our family. Influenced by our great grandfather, Antonio Demma learned the wine-making skill from his father in Sicily. Wine-making traveled from Sicily to Chicago in the early 1900s. Our father (aka “Skip” by the family) continues making and enjoying his own wine and has done so for many years. Today, the tradition continues with his sons, the Seagren brothers. Our family knowledge and passion is shared in the same fashion as was our great-grandfather's.

Our family-run business is dedicated to helping you produce your own quality wine, rivaling those obtained from any boutique wine store. Assisting both the novice and the experienced wine-maker in the timeless process of making their own wine is our goal.

We have experienced an unrivaled sense of pride when we produce and consume (or share) our own wine. We would like you to share in that experience.

Let West Coast Grapes guide you on your adventure.